Is your corporate knowledge just resting in a wiki?

Knowledge is the new competitive advantage. Use it well to get an edge in your business!

Knowledge Visibility for HR and Management

Decision makers get comprehensive actionable reports at a click of a button on the distribution of corporate knowledge.

Knowledge Notifications as Mandatory Updates

Are you still depending on emails to send a change of a company policy or a new best practice for projects?

Clear Knowledge Roadmap for New Hires

New employees immediately get a clear roadmap to acquire mission critical business knowledge.

Fun and Rewarding Knowledge Acquisition

With Maturify, gaining knowledge is our fun, competitive and rewarding. After all, who doesn't like games?

“Fortune 500 companies lose roughly $31.5 billion a year
by failing to share knowledge”



~ Pamela Babcock

Systematically Distribute Your Business Knowledge

Create your own unique knowledge models or use our readymade templates as a jumpstart

Assign the knowledge models to your teams for continuous learning and improvements

Track Knowledge Dynamics & Make Smarter Decisions

Identify knowledge gaps within the organization through team profiles.

Encourage teams to gain knowledge through company-wide competition and recognition

How does Maturify work?

Maturify provides you with an intuitive platform to manage your knowledge. It guides you to systematically acquire knowledge through ready-to-use competency models – or create your own! Detailed reporting will provide you with valuable statistics for decision making.



Organizing knowledge is made easy & more meaningful


Structure the knowledge within your business into meaningful competency models. Not sure how to start? Select one from the already existing models in the collection of community models and customize it as you require.


Knowledge sharing is just a few clicks away

Create your teams on the go! Once created, competency models can be assigned to teams in your organization, based on the areas of knowledge relevant to them.



Require knowledge? It’s now at your fingertips


What knowledge do you need? Simply log in to Maturify and visit your team. At a glance, it will show you the models you should follow, where you stand in your knowledge acquiring journey and what you should learn next to strengthen yourself and your team


Visualize your knowledge roadmap to make better decisions

Once on Maturify, your teams will be acquiring a lot of knowledge! Insightful reports detailing organization-wide activity will be available at all times, providing you with powerful inputs for heightened decision making.

Our journey is just beginning…

We’ve come a long way but we’ve got a lot longer to go – join us in reaching new milestones!

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